Engine 1

Engine 1 is a 1992 GMC. Engine 1 rolls second to all motor vehicle crashes as it carries a back-up Hurst Tool (Jaws of Life). Engine 1 is also capable of fire attack or water shuttling operations.

Engine 2

Engine 2 is a 1999 Pierce built on a GMC chassis. Engine 2 is the 1st out engine for all structure fires in a mutual aid fire district.

Engine 3

Engine 3 is a 2006 Pierce Contender on an International Truck chassis. Engine 3 is the 1st Due engine to all structure fires within the Wyse Fork Fire & Rescue district.

Squad 6

Manufactured in 2002, Squad 6 is Ford F-550 Diesel truck. Squad 6 is used as a light duty rescue squad and transports most rescue and extrication equipment owned by Wyse Fork Fire & Rescue.