The membership of the Wyse Fork Fire and Rescue Department
wishes to thank outgoing President Roger Noble and
outgoing Secretary Doug Rivenbark for their many years
of service to the Wyse Fork Volunteer Department
Board of Directors. Our fire department would not be
where we are today, had it not been for the input of
both of these Board Members.


Thanks to a 95% - 5% grant which the Wyse Fork Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department was approved for, we have recently had delivered to us, brand new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus units, manufactured by Scott. These air packs are the newest available and have several new features our older packs did not have. First, the new air packs have 4500psi bottles, which allows for more breathing air, to allow more working time while involved in fighting fire. The packs are lighter, reducing fatigue on a firefighter's back. There is a heads up display that allows the firefighter to see how much air is left in the tank. There are voice amplifiers so that radio traffic can better be understood. There are "buddy breathing" connections that allow a bottle to be used by more than one firefighter in emergency rescue situations. The new bottles have an easy quick change release, to ease changing out bottles to save time. We received 17 complete air packs and 17 extra bottles. These new air packs have been placed in service and are ready to go. By applying for and being approved for this grant, the price Wyse Fork Fire & Rescue had to pay, was less than the price for one air pack. We could not have received these air packs if it wasn't for the support we receive from the members of our community and this grant. Go to our PHOTOS page to see pictures from the date of delivery.


Wyse Fork Fire & Rescue would like to publicly thank local farmer Robert "Bobby" Hunter for nominating our department as his charity for the Monsanto Farmers Grow Rural Communities Program.
As the recipient of this award, Wyse Fork Fire & Rescue was issued a $2,500.00 check which was received February 22, 2016.
Monsanto has given over $22,000,000.00 to local charities since the program's inception in 2010.